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 Recent Staph Outbreaks

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PostSubject: Recent Staph Outbreaks   Recent Staph Outbreaks Icon_minitimeFri 12 Oct 2007, 7:56 pm;_ylt=AtI8nSM1ukVAPw9FVXivClJa24cA

still unclear of what Staph is or don't know what the hell Staph even is?
(yes it's wikipedia but its mostly accurate)

Basically it's like those boils and stuff, but depending on what strain of Staph you have, it could be serious or just a mild infection that can easily be gotten rid of.

Recent Staph Outbreaks ICONATOR_2cc30ac85dc12bb90984ca69917365d6Recent Staph Outbreaks ICONATOR_3e2d47ac8630e91af85b2936aa874b70Recent Staph Outbreaks ICONATOR_b9f27570a4518fc77af512a3410ae5bc

sunzagurl99: i mean just go wipe ur butt with a leaf why dont u. nooooo u have to go use "latrines" and other fancy chemically enhancedd toilets
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Recent Staph Outbreaks
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