This forum is only intended as a communication source between friends, and strangers will be deleted
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 Rules of the bungalow

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PostSubject: Rules of the bungalow   Fri 07 Sep 2007, 5:43 pm

1. We made this forum to connect with friends.
2. Be nice. (and no cussing PLEASE. (or keep it at a low)).
3. Don't spam. (regardless of who you are, you will be ban if it happens too much)
4. Stick to the topic. I mean there's a reason for topics so stick to them. As for talking to people. There is PM (private message) and the chatbox where you guys are able to talk to each other alright? That's why I have those on the forum.
5. We trust you won't share private subjects with the world. So if you do and we find out about it. You'll be ban (yeah I sound so strict)
6. The mods and I are here to help you with the forum, if you have a question ask us or click HERE If you want to Suggest something to add to the forum CLICK HERE
7. Introduce yourselves, there are a slight chance you may not know everyone here on the forum and that's perfectly fine so introduce yourselves HERE Just click "NEW TOPIC"

Just have fun on the forum alright?
Sw33tPandaZ [Ha] aka: (Admin) and owner of the bungalow heh along with my mods too

It's just LIFE

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Rules of the bungalow
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