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 Light in the Sky

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PostSubject: Light in the Sky   Fri 23 Nov 2007, 9:22 am

Last night, my dad and I were driving back from my cousin's house and we saw a very bright streak of yellow/white go across the sky. It was in the middle of a brightly lit street, on a cloudy night. And if any of you have ever gone meteor/comet watching, you'd know it'd have to be incredibly bright to still shine like that. Plus it had sort of..embers coming off of it. Like as if it was a falling fire. I've seen four meteor showers and it definately was not that. It wasn't blocked by the clouds at all, so it had to have taken place below the clouds, but that means it wasn't flaming because it was going through the atmosphere. Not the remains of Halley's comet then? Unless comets really are that bright...

Whatever it was, it was cool.

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Light in the Sky
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