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 Presents for the holidays

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PostSubject: Presents for the holidays   Tue 27 Nov 2007, 4:35 pm

Well what would you guys like for the holidays? Any wish is possible.

Here's the normal:
- A Mandarin or Cantonese phrasebook
- A Korean Dictionary
- A new digital camera
- Ying Ye 3+1 with English subtitles on DVD
- Hana Kimi with English subtitles on DVD

Here's the impossible:
- A snowy Christmas
- No homework x)
- Tickets to Fahrenheit concert (pftt.. like how am I even going to get there)
- Getting the 2nd Fahrenheit Album early (not even out yet, that's why it's impossible)
- Finally get the producer to film Hana Kimi 2 (Getting through that thick-headed guy...impossible) >.<

It's just LIFE

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PostSubject: Re: Presents for the holidays   Tue 27 Nov 2007, 5:35 pm

I would like a Korean dictionary too. Korean seems so interesting~

There's so much that I want, but I don't remember them all~ I'll update later, if I remember.


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PostSubject: Re: Presents for the holidays   Tue 27 Nov 2007, 7:07 pm

tee hee my list lets see:

(mind u the impossible and possible can't be distinguished)

- 10 differnt flavors of lip gloss
- gay guy bff
- necklace with a cat bell on it
- kniting book and needles (and a ball of yarn so i can practise)
- cute underware (and bra's)
- mariam
- Ross to have a smaller nose
- those drawer things...i don't know what they're called..
- a smaller nose on myself
- techno version of "all i want for christmas"

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how conveniet
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PostSubject: Re: Presents for the holidays   Tue 04 Dec 2007, 9:00 pm

The Probable, and mostly possible...maybe:
-Doctor Who toys, preferably
1. A Sonic Screwdriver
2. RC Dalek
3. Doctor, Jack, and Rose action figures
4. TARDIS playset
5. Laser Screwdriver
-Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set
-Torchwood DVD box set
-Doctor Who novels:
1. Only Human
2. Winner Takes All (These two are no longer published, but that's what the internet is for)
-Making Money by Terry Pratchett
-Money, Borders gift cards...
-Doctor Who magazine subscription
-Rock Band, all parts and a PS3 to play it on
-Another Guitar Hero guitar so me and my cousin can play co-op mode.
-No raptors t-shirt from xkcd
-Lots of other things that I will add later.

The Impossible:
-RTD not failing with Rose's return
-David Tennant teaching me to count in French
-Matt Bellamy
-A fantastic s4
-Three Doctor special w/ 10, 8, and 9
-Be allowed to play as Matt for a character in Guitar Hero.
-The Doctor existing for real.
-The One Ring
-Eugene's Sixth Eye thingy
-The real full-sized Daleks that they use to film Doctor Who with
-The Internet

annd I'll add more when I think of it.

Rose: You mean I'm a sort of mascot? Like a four-leaf clover or wearing lucky pants?
Doctor: That's it exactly! You're my lucky pants!

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PostSubject: Re: Presents for the holidays   

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Presents for the holidays
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