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 Soon Hee Newbold

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PostSubject: Soon Hee Newbold   Soon Hee Newbold Icon_minitimeThu 25 Oct 2007, 9:40 pm a composer! For more info on her, you can click HERE
I absolutely love the music she composes. Absolutely amazing, and fun to play Soon Hee Newbold 72133 Soon Hee Newbold 294731

A Pirate's Legend (not Poe/Annandale, but we played this in 8th grade)
Blue Fire Fiddle (not Poe/Annandale, though Chamber played it today for the Masquerade concert and they were awesome Soon Hee Newbold 232148 )
Egyptian Legacy (not Poe/Annandale)
Celtic Roots (not Poe/Annandale, but we played this in 8th grade)

Soon Hee Newbold ICONATOR_2cc30ac85dc12bb90984ca69917365d6Soon Hee Newbold ICONATOR_3e2d47ac8630e91af85b2936aa874b70Soon Hee Newbold ICONATOR_b9f27570a4518fc77af512a3410ae5bc

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Soon Hee Newbold
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