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PostSubject: Welcome!   Welcome! Icon_minitimeFri 07 Sep 2007, 7:51 pm

tw334n4rchy wrote:
Hello and welcome Ladies!!! This is as you already know the Gossip Cafe, and you are free to do here as you please including using colorful languge but please wipe your goddam feet when you come in.
ChiisaiKamo wrote:
omg!!! wait...i have no gossip right now =P
oh wait...
no gossip right now
hahaha =P
AquaMinty wrote:
Hmmmmmmm... I would love to share the gossip in MY school but apparently no one will understand. Soooo im not gonna say anything..
tw334n4rchy wrote:
well its just not only gossip its only called a gossip cafe because..well we;re all girls and girls like to gossip, but we can talk about basically anyhting here

I'm an idiot... I was trying to move the topic to a different section... but then it deleted the subject gah sorry T.T tw334n4rchy

It's just LIFE
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